WebStorm Js debugger with Mac and Firefox problem

Hello JetBrains,

I'm really interesting in this product, I'm testing it and probably I will buy... but, the Mac version (more important for me) using Firefox has problem in the debug. Let me explain:

1) I start the debug with right click on the html page that I want to debug, the debug panel opens
2) WebStorm starts Firefox (your plugin is already installed)
3) Firefox doesn't call the page that I would like to debug
4) In the debug panel I can read something like  "waiting for connection with the browser" (maybe the message is not exactly this, but the meaning is the same)

Please note: the problem happens only with Mac OS (Snow Leo 10) / Firefox 3.x (last).

Could you kindly help me on that? If we solve this problem I will buy WebStorm.

Thank you very much.



does the problem reproduce if your quit Firefox before starting the debugger from IDEA?



I've got the same problem :(

I downloaded WebStorm yesterday and when I tried to debug a very simple JS script, it doesn't work.

I've got Os X 10.5.8, the last 3.6 version Firefox.

UPDATE: I installed Firebug too in my Firefox and it can debug my script.



I think I found the problem. I've installed Firebug too and when I desactivate this plugin then the debugger of Webstorm seems to work :)


Me too I removed Firebugs... But for me doesn't work still.

I think that the problem depends from Firefox that starts in off-line mode.

Any help?... Thank you.


We already have issue about that problem:
http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/IDEA-61656. Feel free to vote/watch for it.


Same problem here - the debuggger doesn't work. When I activate it the first time, all the buttons go into the inactive state, and nothing happens. I can debug in Firefox, using Firebug, but can't set breakpoint in Webstorm, and can't start any kind of debugger from the IDE.


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