Weird behaviour with the auto save

k so this is starting to bug me now. im working on a fat free project (php) with template files.. when i go to the browser and click refresh i get all kinds of errors at times.. (seems the page isnt totaly "saved") the fix is go back to phpstorm.. add a space in the doc.. delete the space and then ctrl + s.. then it works fine.. seems phpstorm doesnt write to disk as it should?

am i missing something? any one else get this behaviour? is it a bug?  is there an option to force the file to write to disk? there only an option to load from disk now tho

win 7 64bit. phpstorm 107.515 (altho it did it with the last version aswell)


Running Win 7 64bit and this issue has not been happening here. There are times I'm faster refreshing my page then phpStorm is at saving the changes to the file on disk, but a second refresh fixes that.

Alternatively hitting Ctrl-S before leaving the IDE works to ensure the file is saved.



the problem is... i sometimes work on a document.. ctrl - s it.. move to another file.. come back to the first file.. leave to anothr file without ctrl + s... then bang.. refresh in browser = problems. what i cant figure out tho.. is i did a compare on the file before and after save + errors.. seems identical.. yet the templating engine (haanga) seems to require me to save the file each time lol. its really really weird


ok so after starting to tear my hair out... is it possible that the tags in the template

{{ variable }}

and {% if variable %}

are causing trouble? any way to disable phpstorms internal file name stuff? or at least disable them for a certain file extention etc..


Are you saving the files locally or do you have automatic deployment to the server configured?

Also, what kind of errors are you getting? If the file was simply not save you should just see the old version, no errors.

The problem might also be inside Twig's template compilation/caching. I've seen some weird at first look cases with that, but didn't have time to look deeper.


uusing a templating system called haanga. its based on django templating.

files stored localy..

to reproduce it seems..

in phpstorm navigate away from the "page".. so like.. have 15 pages open.. click on the template page.. go to another page.. refresh browser and voila.. error. the fix.. go back to the templating page.. add a space or something and ctrl + s.. go to browser refresh.. it works.

i'll try make a demo app just now and zip it.


turns out its not phpstorm.. but the data / templating system im using.. sorry guys.. was at wits end regarding this


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