Indent code in line without selection it

Hi there.
I can't find feature request "Indent code in line without selection it" on youtrack to vote for.
Is it "won't fix" category or I can create one?


Well, since its not implemented in these 10 years of JetBrains platform evolution - I guess its on the list..


As a side note: Ctrl + w two times then tab will indent the line the cursor is on.

Eg, Ctrl + w   Ctrl + w   tab

The cursor can be anywhere in the line.


Thanks. Great tip. Ctrl+w once + Tab also works (tried in 2.1.2) wherever the cursor is positioned on the line.
And less useful alternative - Home+Tab


I should have also added that the Ctrl + w will select on a code block level also.

So you can park your curser after a closing braket or tag, or in the code block itself and Ctrl + w as many times as needed to select the block.

Keyboard actions are generally quicker than grabbing for a mouse.


Yeah. Just realized the power of ctrl+w many times :) Thanks again.


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