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I am just trying out Phpstorm with a view to moving over from Netbeans, but I am stumbling at the first hurdle. When I try to setup a new project from existing files and then select "My web server is on remote host..." or "I have no web server, just let me open an existing directory" I cannot see my mapped networked drive. All of our files are stored on a Linux box and we access them through drive letter Y: on our local machines. Is there anyway to hook a project up to a mapped drive or do I need to go about this another way?

Also I need FTP functionality with PHPStorm but cannot find where it is located within the IDE or how to add it.

Many thanks in advance.


P.S I am using Windows 7.


Hi Mark,

Setting up the project to work directly over the network is strictly not supported by PhpStorm (and any other IDEA-based product) and devs will not accept any performance/bug reports for such situations (that is how whole IDEA platform works, unfortunately -- not just PhpStorm). PhpStorm requires you to have a local copy of the project files which can be set up to automatically copy to a remote folder on Save. For your scenario you should use Mounted Folder access type.

You can manage your settings for FTP/SFTP/Mounted Folder in "File | Settings | Deployment"


Hi Andriy,

Many thanks for your quick response.

Bazzik wrote:

Setting up the project to work directly over the network is strictly not supported by PhpStorm (and any other IDEA-based product)

I've never heard that before, every IDE I've previously worked with accepts external drive access and this includes Netbeans, Aptana, PHPed and Zend. I understand there maybe issues with performance, but it has never caused our office problems in the past.

Anyway thanks very much for taking the time to reply, it's much appreciated.



Hello Mark,

Well, it may work and most likely will, but sudden network latency can make IDE slow and unresponsive, and we (JetBrains developers) will not be responsible for that as we rely on instant file access.

By the way, if you click File | Open project, will drive Y be there in file chooser?


PS Andriy, thank you for quick response!


In Windows command console, run:

subst y: \\localserver\path\to\projects

It helped for me - my mapped drive is now visible in "Open file", "Open directory" etc. The only problem is, that my subst'ed drive is not visible in Windows Explorer... ;) So I had to use:

net use w: \\localserver\path\to\projects

Thus U can access your files from windows as w:\ and in phpStorm as y:\. But as guys above said: the performance is a little bit slower over network. I have my testing linux installed on virtual machine at my local Vista, so network drive is on the same fisical machine - I feel no difference in speed. But when used remote (in local network) computer as a host for my folders, there was lags sometimes... Please be aware of this.

I hope it helped. :)


Gracias amigo, me funciono perfectamente, ahora puedo sincronizar mi proyecto local con el que tengo en la red.


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