Option to use normal scrollbar instead of invisible one?

Take a quick glance at this image and see if you can find where you'd need to grab to pick up the scrollbar.  I simply can't pick it out among the clutter.  Can we please get an option to show a regular native scrollbar beside that clutter-bar?  This annoyance alone is pretty much going to drive me away if it's not addressed, since it takes up an extra 5 seconds of my life every time I want to scroll a document.


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Actually, given the response in the bug report, it's probably best to have this here.


According to that FAQ, you guys did this on purpose, thus defeating the intention of the scrollbar (and also annoying people who want to interact with that sidebar).  If there's a discussion about it here, perhaps you'll hear from a few more users who don't like it, and eventually maybe it will get fixed.


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