Deeper @var annotation

I have some issues with intellisense for Zend_Framework action helpers.

Intellisense fof this simple case works fine:

/** @var $object SomeClass*/

However, the $object has some magic methods, which are build dynamically on program execution (registered paths), co I can't use @property or @method

Is there any option to have intelisense for nested variables like this:

/** @var $this->_helper->redirector Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_Redirector */

I know I may do this:

$redirector = $this->_helper->redirector;
/** @var $redirector Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_Redirector */

but this breaks the magic notation idea, which is to make it short.

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Good idea, however this presumably will be handled by Zend Framework support in the IDE, see

Still, can you please file a separate feature request to project issue tracker ?

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Thanks for filing.


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