Is there a keyboard shortcut to 'click on' the quick fix lightbulb feature?

When for instance, there's a spelling mistake that PHPStorm has underlined, I can click on the word and a lightbulb appears with options in a drop down to correct the typo etc.  This also appears if I move the carat over the word.  The lightbulb appears in plenty of other cases too, and is a great feature. Now having to use the mouse to click the lightbulb is slow and fiddly though, but I can't find a keyboard shortcut listed for it.  When I used resharper years back I remember it being something like CTRL-F1..

Does anyone know what the shortcut is or the magic term I should use to search for it?


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Agh.. sorry seconds after posting this I saw a message someone else had posted about 'intention actions'.  Turns out that was the magic term I was looking for (I certainly wouldn't have guessed they were called that!).

The default keyboard shortcut is ALT-ENTER to bring up the lightbulb options.

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Awesome, thanks for this!  I've been trying to work it out for ages.

Gunna add some keywords to help people find this page:  idea phpstorm spell checker keymap keyboard shortcut select change to word popup menu without mouse



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