Open files from project tree using double-click button

First of all, thumbs up for your Web IDE / PhpStorm project.

I am a Wacom (pentablet) user. The Wacom pens have two buttons, from which one of them is configured as 'double click'. Using that button, I cannot open files in the project tree on the left. In the editor, the doubleclick button works fine, but in the project tree it doesn't. It simple does not recognize the doubleclick, except when I hold the pen completely still.

The strange thing is, I do not have to hold it still for opening folders; they open or collapse just fine using the doubleclick button. So it looks the behaviour of opening/closing folders is different from opening files, when it comes to doubleclick event handling.


We'll investigate the problem.


Any news on this issue? It is getting pretty annoying having to switch to a mouse all the time.


It seems this issue is getting little attention. The youtrack issue ( doesn't seem to be very active.
the problem is that the program (anything based on IDEA it seems) requires you to double-click on the exact same pixel (see
For now I workaround this issue by assigning a double-click action to one of the pen-buttons (instead of a middle-click which isn't used much in phpstorm anyway) and keep the pen as still as possible, but it is a pain whcih I hope will be solved not not far in the future?


Its better to post your comments to ticket itself - only that way the developer responsible will immediately see the activity.

I can't give you any estimate on the problem.


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