Setting up localhost xdebug

I am new user of jetBrains PhpStorm 2.1.1. I have difficulty setting up my xdebug. I have used netbeans before, it is lot easier to configure.

I have read this document,, find it difficult to understand.

I have enable xdebug:

; Enable xdebug extension module

and phpinfo show that it is working.

The application is using virtual host port 8081, and all the files is in /home/kelvinfix/public_html/mywebsite/.

Now how can I start to configure PhpStorm xdebug? should I use PHP remote debug? or PHP web application?

What is the step by step of setting it up?

Thank you.


Hello kelvin,

Debugging with PhpStorm and Xdebug almost doesn't require any configuration at all(except very specific and rare cases) - please read

Briefly you need to:

  1. Enable debug connections listener(a button with handset on toolbar)
  2. Initiate debug session from browser(using bookmarklets)

The only requirement is to configure Xdebug itself. But you have got it work with Netbeans, it should work with PhpStorm too. Here is Xdebug installation guide.

Please let me know if it won't help.

I have read this document,, find it difficult to understand.

Please elaborate and share your ideas with us. It can help us to make this tutorial better.

Thank you for feedback!


Thank you, Nikolay. It is working now using zero configuration debugging method.

I found it difficult to understand this document, because I am new to PhpStorm and I am not sure which method to use.


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