Problems in Ubuntu 11.04

I'm having some problems with PhpStorm in Ubuntu 11.04, classic mode.  My code style settings won't persist when I shut down and restart PhpStorm.  I've only tried global settings, but that's what I need.  Also, all window decorations sometimes disappear when I load PhpStorm, but I've read that's a problem with Ubuntu and Java, and I can reload the GTK decorator, although it's frustrating to have to do so.

Any help would be appreciated.


Which Java are you using? OpenJDK or Sun Java
You have to use Sun's version of Java or you will have these types of performance issues.


I have been having similar issues. My window decorations sometimes disappear while PhpStorm is open; it seems to happen more often after the machine wakes up from a suspended state.

I am running PhpStorm 2.1 with Sun Java on Ubuntu 11.04 (classic mode, not Unity)


Ubuntu giys here are claiming the issue is fixed:
AFAIK the fix is still in "proposed" updates.


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