Spell check suggestions short cut

  at the moment you right click on the typo > spelling > Type: change to...

then a "auto complete" like popup apears under the word with suggestions. any way to get it to show when you click on the word then ctrl + space (auto complete shortcut). if not that 1.. then any other shortcut? the whole step is just way too long :( the right click etc. (it also apears at the begining of the line near the "bubble" button. but still clunky

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Nope, and this won't happen soon. We aware about usability issues here but imposed with some severe technical restrictions in current incarnation of the platform.

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k now that i have that out the window.. hehe thanks for the response.

whats the "complete word from dictionary" option for? doesnt seem to do anything? hmm thought since the spell check thing is in the system that the shortcut to get it wont be that hard.. heh obviously wrong :p shift + space etc

please keep the idea of having the spelling suggestion box apear in the back of your head.. im a terrible speller.. so spend alot of time corecting spelling issues :D

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I second this motion. A keystroke for the "Spelling" editor popup would be very useful.

- Gene

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This would be a timesaver. We all hate clicking around.

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Well ... adding words to custom dictionary or replacing word (typo) is also available as ordinary "quick fix" action .. so usual "Alt + Enter" will list them there (if invoked on such word, of course).

But yes -- there are no direct shortcuts for "Save XXX to dictionary" or "Change to..." actions or ability to provide custom one (I simply cannot see them in the GUI in "Settings/Preferences | Keymap").

So Alt+Enter is your friend for now (at very least you can use it without touching the mouse)

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Thank you Andriy Bazanov this is exactly what I was seeking for ! You're amazing


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