WebStorm bug, High Light Current Scope

There appears to be a bug in current scope.


  1. Install a new color scheme such as Stella from the PhpStorm color scheme links
  2. Open an HTML file or JS file and click in a sope area

Notice that the scope highlight is not showing even though it is marked as one.  I've attached two screen shots:

  1. The first shows that the scope highlight in the gutter is now showing
  2. The second shows that scope highlight is on

When I switch back to the Default color scheme the scope highlight appears again.



scope-highlight is on.png

Hi Mark,

Can you please show a screenshot with working hightlight and show exactly what is wrong (hightlight that area/feature on screenshot somehow). Thing is -- you possibly confused with scopes -- the first screenshot "scope-highlight is on" is to do with file-scopes (on Project View tool window click drop-down box "View As" -- here you will see your file-based scopes) while your second screenshot (the dark theme) may refer to a completely different thing.


Hi Andriy,

My mistake.  So sorry for the mixup.  My screenshots are incorrect.  Here are the new ones.

It's the:

    "Highlight on Caret Movement"
      "Highlight current scope"

feature that appears to be not working for me.

File annotated-default-scope-highlight.jpg shows the scope highlight working in default scheme.  I tried turning it off and see that it does not appear in the editor, which is the correct behavior.

Then I switch the color scheme to Stella.

The file annotated-stella-highlight-current-scope.jpg shows the "Highlight current scope" is marked on.  The file annotated-stella-no-scope.png shows the scope highlight line in the gutter is not appearing.

Any insight into what may be amiss?

Thanks Andriy, and sorry again for my mistake.



Hi Mark,

The color is controlled by this style: File | Settings | Editor | Colors & Fonts | General --> Matched Brace

You will need to change the background color property.


That worked.  Thank you!



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