How to disable indexing for cetrain directories?


I have directory with compiled templates, javascripts and css files. It is really big and it is under main project folder.
Is there any way to disable this directory from indexing? Every time when I'm recompiling templates, javascripts etc. I have to wait and my pc getting stuck.

Thank you.

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Press ctrl+shift+a (find action), type "registry" and open it.

Find indexer.follows.symlinks property and remove the checkmark against it.

Run File > Invalidate Caches/Restart > Invalidate and Restart and check the issue after that.

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Yeah, as commented elsewhere it doesn't work. Or doesn't appear to. Why the indexer can't simply honour the "excluded" tag I'm not sure but I assume there's a good reason. Some indication of where the indexer is grinding to a halt would be nice. This is seriously hindering me and many others.


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