Reopen Recent Project - autodeleting non existing (as files) project enties


I have situation when my projects are not always visible to phpStrom when it is opened.

1. When my project are at Truecrypt volume which was not mounted yet as drive.
2. When my project are at network share which is not mounted yet as drive.

If I run phpStorm and the mounted project location are not there the "Reopen Recent Project" entries are cleaned (!).
So I must add all projects again.

I'd suggest to remove that functionality because there is a menu position "Clear the list". Or better to add individual clear button for each project entry.



... the same happens to me from time to time. I have some projects in Virtual Machines. When they are not loaded (and of course not mounted), the list is cleared.



"Add all projects again"
Looks like you actually interested in


Yes. Very, very interesting tread indeed.

I hope soon you will implement some of its functionality.

But from what I read the autodeleting issue is not there so it would be great if you remember about that. Tnx.


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