Integration Youtrack and PHPStorm with Subversion

Hi all,

I bought PHPStorm recently and I really love it. Development is more fun with this IDE.
Today, I downloaded Youtrack 3.0 and installed it on a Windows server and it works flawlessly so far.

But I'm wondering if it is possible to use subversion checkin comments to set Youtrack issue states, for example when I commit a certain change list to my svn repository and write something like "{TicketID}: State fixed", so that Youtrack updates the state of this issue identified by {TicketID}.
I used to to this with Subversion and Trac and I consider it quite convenient.

Thanks for your help,

best regards,


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Hi Thadaus,

there isn't direct integration between Subversion and Youtrack, however, if you use Teamcity you can do exactly that you told about.

Precisely, if you connect Subversion with Teamcity and Teamcity with Youtrack, you can just make commit with comment "#IssueID State Fixed" and this command will be appllied to issue.

If you have access to, you can see the example here:

More details you can find here

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Thanks for the hint!

After an hour of configuration and RTFM :-) it works like a charm. Great tools you offer!

Best regards,



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