What happened with "Move copy of selected lines" feature in PhpStorm 2.1 editor?

Hi guys!

There is one big problem in PhpStorm 2.1 - "Move copy of selected lines" in editor (Alt+Ctrl+Up/Down in Eclipse keymap) does not work any more. And I can't find this feature in Settings -> KeyMap.

Can you please tell me if you have renamed this feature name in Keymap or deleted? I very hope that it was not deleted...
Thank you!

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Hi Sergey,

What do you mean by "Move copy of selected lines" ?

There are 2 similarly named actions:
1) Move Statement Up/Down
2) Move Line Up/Down

I think you are referring to the #2. If so -- they are indeed have no shortcuts defined in "Eclipse" keymap.

You can find these action in Settings | Keymap --> All Actions | Main menu | Code. Alternatively (much quicker) -- use search box on that page and type "move line" exactly (with quotes).

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I'm sorry, I found that another application binded Alt+Ctrl+Up/Down so that's why EditorDuplicateLine did not works.
Thank you very much for your answer!


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