Editing file association


I just created a new file but forgot to add the php extension, it is since associated with text files.
Now my code is not highlighted and the php icon does not show in the project browser next to the file. The manual only seems to talk about managing file association types.
Even if I delete the file and recreate after reopening my project with the initially chosen name the problem reoccurs.

So how can I edit file associations on an individual basis?

Btw: having help open and not being able to keep your settings window open in PHPStorm is very, very annoying.

Thanks for your help

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Hi Bruno,

What is the file name that you are having problems with?

Have a look here: "File | Settings | File Types --> Text Files". If there is an entry that matches your file name (e.g. mypage.php) then remove it.

If the above will not help -- please provide a screenshot where filename and icon is clearly visible.

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Thank you, it was there in the list :). I now also understand what I did wrong.
Kind regards


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