PHPStorm and TextExpander (Mac)

I seem to be having a problem using TextExpander with PHPStorm. Instead of inserting the value of a key-combo, I get whatever is in the clipboard. TextExpander is a snippet "inserter". A well know one in the Mac world.

Anyone else on Mac and uses TextExpander see this? By the wa, TextExpander work with every other app on my machine. So It's got to be something PHPSotrm is doing with the clipboard or security?



Hummm.. not good news. But at least I know I'm not alone. I'll shoort Smile (the developers of TextExpander) an email.



Ok.. They responded. And, of couse, pointed at you guys. It's pretty hard to dispute that when I can use TextExpander with Zend Studio, and Netbeans. I know Zend isn't all java but Netbeans sure is.

This is becomming an issue for me. As I move bigger projects into PHPStorm. Forcing me to choose isn't good. I *need* TextExpander.


It doesn't work with "Snippets", "Typeit4me" nor "Typinator". I love phpStorm, but lacking of PHP snippets and strings in Live Templates makes things a bit different.

I hope it can be fixed soon.


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