How do I move between 2 vertically split editor windows?

Alt + Left/Right Arrow keys allows you to move between files open in the editor, but not if you have used the vertical or horizontal spit option.

I've spent the last couple days trying to figure out how to get to the items in the opposite split using the keyboard. I’m trying hard to learn phpStorm’s keyboard centric usage patterns. Trying hard to step away from the mouse, but in this one area I always have to go back to the mouse to get into the opposite grouping.

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So what do I use to bounce between the to accdetail files?


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Hi Richard,

Try "Window | Goto Next Splitter" & "Window | Goto Previous Splitter". You may need to assign unique keyboard shortcut in Settings | Keymap for these actions if they do not work when pressing shortcut (I think on some bundled keymaps they have the same shortcuts as Tab Switcher which has a priority).

Another possible approach (although it is not exactly what you need) -- use Ctrl+Tab (the above mentioned Tab Switcher) -- if you keep holding Ctrl pressed you will see small popup window with all opened tabs/tool windows listed. Unfortunately you will not be able to differentiate between the same file opened in multiple splits (as it only shows file name). Pressing and releasing this combo quickly will allow to constantly switch between last 2 used tabs (just like Alt+Tab in Windows).


Thanks Andriy for all your input the last couple days. :)

I went with Ctrl+Shift+F1 for "Window | Goto Previous Splitter" and Ctrl+Shift+F2 for "Window | Goto Next Splitter" since they do not conflict with anything. A little awkward but it works for now.

the default keymap in phpStorm for windows assigns the above to the same binding as the switcher as you suspected, which means the goto splits actions never happen because the switcher pops up instead.

Took me forever to find the above key binding options in the keymap as well! Had to use the search box to find them as they do not show up well otherwise. ;)

Again thank you for your help.


Had to use the search box to find them as they do not show up well otherwise

That is actually a recommended way -- much faster :)

You can search by action name as well as by shortcut (if you click on "funnel" icon).


another option is to add a bookmark.

ctrl+shift+1 to bookmark a place in the file your working on in the top editor, then go to the file your working on in the bottom editor and add a second bookmark ctrl+shift+2.

Then you can switch between the files using ctrl+1 and ctrl+2.


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