opening file with same name but from different folders

I have just started learning yii framework. I was following a tutorial in which i have to go back and forth between index.php for different views. I am using CTRL+SHIFT+N to search file then scroll to the right file.
is there better way to navigate to these kind of files.

i am thinking on the line that when i start typing "vi" of "views/" in dialog box PhpStorm automatically list folder inside it and by pressing TAB i complete folder name and so on.  (I am using FARR and liked the idea because PhpStorm uses similar kind of dialogs ).
another option is that in CTRL+SHIFT+N when listing files with same name it shows path from the project root instead of just file name first and folder name in at end in brackets. for further improvement it should list them in some numerical order which can be quickly selected using ALT+num.

I am sure some kind of shortcut is already in there which i don't know.

i went through help file but could not find what i was looking for. maybe i am not looking in right section.

the reason i am asking about this is i have 7 different views with each having its own index.php and PhpStorm lists them all including bootstrap index.php.

please help


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Hi there,

Yes, you can do that.

Lets assume you are having index.php in these folders:

  • account
  • checkout
  • classes
  • customer
  • help
  • hohoho
  • welcome

1) Go To | File (Ctrl+Shift+N)
2.a) To open checkout/index.php. type ch\in (if you have only one file that starts with in in that folder, otherwise add more letters (e.g. ch\ind))
2.b) To see all index.php in all folders that start with c (checkout, classes, customer) type c\index.php

I hope you have got the idea. Try experimenting a bit yourself and see if it is anything that can be useful for you.

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i knew something that like would be there but couldn't find.

i had tried what you suggested but when i typed "vi" it turned red and told me no match found. So I  gave up, thinking it does not have what i am looking for.

thanks again

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if i have a time where it turns red in ctrl+shift+n then i add an asterisk before it to get more options.


I have a ton of smarty function files called:

and if i do ctrl+shift+n and enter 'apA'  i will get no results.  but if i enter '*apA' the file name will appear.

Try adding a *


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