Editing methods, functions and any other part of code separately

Hello everybody,

I've found that sometimes exist cases when you wish to modify only one method of class or only separate part of code and not distract on anything other in the object / file which is modified.

This feature should have a lot of common with "Reader" in Safari browser, when you can read article separately in pop-up.

The main aim is to give possibility to modify part of code (selected area, function, method) in the almost the same separate window, tab, pop-up. But from the other hand, editor should know that it's not a file, it's part of it in fact.

As the result you will able concentrate on the required part of code and make best you can ; )

What do you say guys?

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I personally see no usefulnes in such a feature and is against of adding it. I personally more distracted by too many rarely used features then by any amount of the code.

Anyway, all feature requests should be filed to issue tracker.

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Hi Sergey,

When im working on a big class file what i like to do is to start off by hitting ctrl+shift+-  to minimize the whole class then click on the {...} to open up the contents to where just the method names are displayed.

Then you can open just the methods you want to work on.

If there are 2 methods that you want to work on that are in separate locations in the same file, use the split-horizontal function and have one method in the bottom editor and the other in the top editor.

Or use the ctrl+shift+1  for the top of the first method (or place you want to edit) and ctrl+shift+2 for the other.  Then you can jump to either one using ctrl+1  or ctrl+2.  you can add up to 10 of these book marks all over the place in different files.  It makes it real easy to jump around the place and know where you are.

Not _exactly_ what your after but hopefully helps.

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Also I can suggest to enable 'Show methods separators' option under Project Settings | Editor | Appearance

Thank you for feedback!


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