Developer Community login and registration issues.

First off, I find it odd that I have to manually refresh these pages every time I log into the forum, otherwise after I put in my username and password I am still a guest until I refresh. This happens both at work and at home and on all 4 of my computers that I use to browse the web.

Secondly, it took me 7-8 tries before I was able to register an acount here as well!  I would get the e-mail confirmation "Activate your JetBrains Account" and I would follow the activation link, and I'd get onto the site and low and behold, no account.

I'm just currious to know if anyone else had these kinds of issues registering and logging in...if so Admin's will hopefully be able to fix. Nothing more frustrating then trying to access a community site for a product you have purchased and finding it to be in a poor state, it never bodes well.

That said, so far phpStorm has reawakened my enjoyment of coding in PHP, Javascript.....just wish debugging was a bit more transparent and user friendly.



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Can you please file this into PS issue tracker and include more details including OS(es) and Browser(s) used?.. I'll assign it to site team but they probably will need additional answers.


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