how to move back to last editing position



i have around 5-6 files opened. each of them has around 600 lines. i am going back and forth between them and some time navigating to different lines in same file. is there any way i can go back step by step in my history.

I think in the past i have used this feature either in phpstorm or in another IDE, I am not sure.

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Hi there,

Please check these actions (default shortcuts on Windows):
Go To | Back (Ctrl+Alt+Left)
Go To | Forward (Ctrl+Alt+Right)
Go To | Last Edit Location (Ctrl+Shift+Backspace)

You can also use Bookmarks:
Edit | Toggle Bookmark
Edit | Toggle Bookmark with Mnemonic
Edit | Show Bookmarks
Go To | Next Bookmark
Go To | Previous Bookmark

If you know exact line numbers (within currently active file):
Go To | Line (Ctrl+G)

If you navigate between specific functions/methods/etc (in any file) try this one:
Go To | Symbol (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N)


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