Duplicate folder in Project view

Hello, recently I was moving files around within the Project folder pane in PhpStorm 2.x and somehow, I ended up with one of my folders being displayed twice in the folder tree. The contents are identical and it seems to be just a visual bug in phpstorm's folder view. When looking at the files in Finder or the Terminal, everything is fine (there is only 1 instance of it), but in phpStorm it is duplicated in the view.

Screen shot 2011-06-06 at 10.32.53 AM.png

How can I reset the phpStorm folder view to fix this issue? It is a little annoying b/c when I do searches and whatnot, I get duplicated results.

Thank you,

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I was able to fix this by manually deleting the "cart" folder in Finder .. refreshing/synchronizing the folder view in phpStorm and then doing SVN UP to get the files back again. Once phpStorm was synched up once again, only one folder appeared (as expected.)


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Also, repair permissions. Really.. For some odd resaon PHPStorm (maybe it's just the JVM)  needs a lot of "repairing". I run it daily now.


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