Warning: post-commit hook failed, permission denied

I have to say I love the speed and response times of PHPStorm. It does tend to get sluggish in huge javascript files (I have a couple with some 10k lines of code), but everything else is lightning fast, especially the code hinting and autocomplete, it's just great.
The breadcrumb navigation at the top is top notch and I can't wait to explore more features further. However.. I run into difficulties when using SVN.

This is the message I keep getting while committing files:

Warning: post-commit hook failed (exit code 1) with output:
svn: Can't open file '/var/www/mts/test/.svn/lock': Permission denied

What's odd is that committing works fine with NetBeans, SCPlugin and terminal, but not with PHP storm. What's even ..odder.. is that the commit goes through successfully, but the error message is returned. That is, the file is committed and everything is fine, only the post-commit fails.
What can I do to alleviate this? Mind you, I'm using the repository everyone on my team uses, and am the only one using PHPstorm. Consequently, I'm the only one with problems, so I'm pretty sure it isn't our SVN configuration.

I am on my work iMac, MacOSX 10.6.7., and my repository is on a linux machine, if that helps.


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