how do you know what file your viewing the diff for?

PhpStorm 107-56

After I download from the sever all the changes that happended over night, i get a list of them in my "Changes" panel.

I can click ctrl+d on a selected file and the difference panel opens with the previously comitted (to git) version on the left and the current one on the right.

If i then close the diff panel and select the next one from the list, i can see the name and so know which file im looking at.

but in the diff panel at the top next to  "Do no ignore" are <<  and >> keys to make me move to the next file.

If there have been a lot of changes and i go through using those keys and find a file that looks interesting and want to open it in the editor, I cant see any way of knowing what the name of that file is.

the title for the left panel is the git id:
e8822a4f98fee4821ee56c5e etc.

and the title for the one on the right is "Your Version"

If i move the diff to another monitor so i can see the diff and the main IDE screen I was hoping the file would be highlighted in the tree, but it isnt.

Is there any way to make the name of the file that im looking at appear next to "Your Version"  so it look like
"Your Version: files_row.tpl"


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Found it.

The issue was that i had the popups displaying without a border to save space.  The file name was in the border.


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