How to replace in all files rearranging variables (a1, b1) to (b1, a1) ?

I do not know what this would be called but I have a situation like this:

mysql_query($qryName, $db)

I need to change that to

mysqli_query($db, $qryName)

The thing is $qryName is different all throughout my project, is there a way to tell phpStorm to do the following?

FYI: I am using the find replace tool for this.

Text To Find:

mysql_query(*, $db)

Replace With:

mysqli_query($db, *)


just use regular expression mode for search and replace.
(do not forget to set 'Regular expression' check box in search dialog)

mysql_query\((.*), \$db\)
mysql_query(\\$db, $1)


What does the $1 mean?


$n is a reference to n-th capture group from search expression, just as stated in help for replace field for the search/replace dialog.


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