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Hi, I've just come from TextMate as my work is now requiring me to be using a more advanced IDE as opposed to a text editor.

However, one point of contention is I can't seem to find a way to quickly close an HTML tag.

In TextMate, if I simply type command + . (dot) it will close the most recent unclosed tag.

Is there a way to do this in PhpStorm? I've searched and haven't been able to come to any conclusion.




Hi Ian,

Currently you have to use the following sequence to achieve the result:  after typing </ press Ctrl+Space

There is one ticket to simplify this a bit:  (insert closing tag after typing </ to get rid the Ctrl+Space part).

Unfortunately PhpStorm has no dedicated editor action (I cannot find any) to simplify this even further (where IDE will have proper closing tag inserted just by pressing a shortcut). If you think you need something like that -- feel free to submit a Feature Request on Issue Tracker:


I'm gonna vote for this.

Also PHPStorm does insert a close tag after you type an opening tag. But that doesn't do excatly what you want. I know.


Could record macros for "</" and then assign your desired shortcut to it.


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