Slow SFTP performance over high-latency links


Firstly just want to say how much I absolutely love love love PhpStorm. Bravo on the best PHP IDE i've seen so far - easy to learn yet ridiculously powerful.

My job often requires me to work on servers on the other side of the world with nearly 350ms of latency between me and the server I'm coding on. This can't really be avoided because of the massive amounts of data that are needed for testing that reside on the other side of the world.

In the past I've used WebDAV as my protocol of choice for deployment as it is by far the quickest protocol over high-latency due to its very low 'chattiness'.

WebDAV obviously isn't an option and SFTP in PhpStorm is unfortunately pretty slow by comparison. However I've noticed one of the big reasons for this seems to be that PhpStorm closes the connection after each file transfer session instead of keeping it open and re-using the connection next time. I use other apps (SmartFTP for example) that allow you to re-use an already open SFTP connection for file transfers and this dramatically speeds up the time it takes to perform an upload (each additional command to the server adds a minimum of 350ms to the time it takes - this adds up quickly).

As I'm sure you can imagine, when you're making hundreds of edits a day (edit, save/upload, refresh, wash, rinse, repeat) it makes a big difference. Having to wait 5 or so seconds between saving a file and being able to hit refresh gets frustrating really quickly, especially when you know it doesn't have to take this long ;),

Is SFTP connection pooling / persistence something on the roadmap or if not, something that could be added to a future release?

Thanks muchly in advance,


Hi Edward,

Thanks for your feedback!

To my regret PhpStorm currently does not support keeping up the connection, please watch/vote for to be notified on updates.



Done! Many thanks for the tip.


We are experiencing the same problem with SFTP. It takes ages to download a site to developer workstation.. I filed it as a bug long time ago ( WI-2882 ), but looks like it still not fixed. So I voted as well :)
This is by far the best ide, but sftp slowness is often driving me mad...


Hello Juris,

I've closed the bug as incomplete as I need some logs from you (please see my comment:



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