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I'm using PhpStorm 2.0.1 demo on Windows XP. I want to use Spanish as the default language for spellchecker. Without further reference, I've assumed that I can use the dictionaries from Mozilla Firefox (at least, there's a *.dic file...).

At File/ Settings/ Spelling/ Dictionaries I've added the path to the folder that contains the *.dic file within my user's Firefox profile. The bottom panel displays the correct file name. I've checked [user] es-ES.dic, unchecked everything else and saved changes with OK. I've even restarted the IDE.

However, the editor still highlights as typo (with green underline) every single word in the document that's longer than 3 characters (no matter the language it's written on). Spelling suggestions look like Spanish words with an extra slash-something suffix (from prueba, which is correct, you get prueba/ap, which doesn't make any sense) and if you accept them they're tagged as typo as well.

The dictionaries bundled with TortoiseSVN have the same problem but I believe they are in the same format (

Is there some sort of documentation, hint or idea about what dictionary format is accepted by PhpStorm's engine?

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Dictionaries used in PhpStorm are plain text files -- just list of words, each word on new line -- nothing more than that. Therefore the dictionary from Firefox will not work properly in PhpStorm (as you have seen already).

Please watch this ticket for a proper myspell/hunspell *.dic support:  (one day in not too distant future it may get implemented)


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