font osx problem

I suspect this is actually more of an osx than php storm question, but nonetheless.....

I''ve installed a new font in osx, it lands in "All Fonts" - but i cannot see it in phpstorm as a font to choose (even if i say show all fonts)
I then tried copying it to "Computer" but still does not show up in phpstorm

Can someone please tell me where i should install my font to , so that i can use it ?

ps latest versions of phpstorm and osx


Hi Keith,

1) PhpStorm reads the list of fonts only once per run. Try closing and starting PhpStorm again.
2) I'm not a Mac user -- does Mac OS has some place (in Control Panel etc) where you can see the list of all available fonts? Do you see this font there?
2) What font type it is? Try converting it to another type (see what type other available to PhpStorm fonts are and try converting it to that type --you can use services like )


ahhhh ok it was the restart that solved it, i assumed it read the fonts when needed.

Next question, mind you, mac's dont update ?
I've just installed 2.01 and now have both 2.0 and 2.0.1 installed, i presume i can just delete 2.0
as 2.0.1 seems to have all my settings


Your PhpStorm settings are stored elsewhere: ~/Library/Preferences/WebIDE10  so you can safely delete the 2.0 app

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ahh ok that sorts that out

thanks a lot :)


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