NetBeans-like analog of "Run File" command

I'm trying to switch from NetBeans to PhpStorm and can't get how to run single file from project as web page (not as a script as it happens by default) not running whole project. In NetBeans there are F6 shortcut for running and opening in the browser whole project starting from index page and Shift-F6 to run a single file in a browser. How can I achive the same in PhpStorm?
Thank you!


Hi Egor,

There are few ways to open specific file in a browser (I assume that you already have Deployment server marked as default for this project, otherwise it will not work as it needs mappings between web url and physical file path):
1) Right click in editor and choose "Open in browser FILENAME..."
2) View | Web Preview (Alt+F2)
3) Menu | Run | Edit Configurations -- create new entry of "PHP Web Application" type


Thank you, Andriy! Works like a charm!
I have to confirm that setting default deployment server is essential.


Hello Egor,

Need to note that configuring of any deployment servers is not necessary for 'PHP Web Application' run configuration.

Thank you for feedback!


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