phpstorm + mac osx problems ?


I'm on a relatively new imac here with 8GB Ram and phpstorm is incredibly slow ie i can wait and watch as the letters i type appear on the screen.
I'm using the 64bit version, and at the bottom its showing 84m of 495m

Any clues / help what i can do to speed it up ??


Hi Keith,

What kind of files are you working with (pure php, heavy php/html mix, js etc)? How big they are? What version of PhpStorm do you have exactly?

In any case devs will need a proper CPU snapshot taken (30 secs or more) -- please follow instructions at

You may want to create a new ticket on Issue Tracker and attach your snapshots there.


A few things:

First, check for any system updates.

Second: Run disk permissions (you can get to that in the Disk Utility).

Third: You said you were running in 64bit? PHPStorms run MUCH better n 32 bit. PHPStorm usually tells you this. Here's how to run it in 32bit.

Shutdown PHPStorm. Find and right click (it'll be in the Applications folder - and I'm assuming you have the rights to do this- If you are the only one who uses the machine, you do) . Select Get Info. In the General section (in the center of the windows) there's a check box titled "Open in 32-bit mode" Check it.  And run PHPStorm.

If this doesn't work, post here.

Also which Mac are you using?


>> PHPStorms run MUCH better n 32 bit.

Is that really so? Is there any confirmation from PhpStorm developers?


On my system it seems faster. But I remember PHPStorm telling me itself to run it in 32bit mode. But that would've been version 1.


After running PhpStorm for the first time it also sent me a notice regarding to switching to 32-bit mode to reduce memory consumption, not CPU. If I got it right of course.


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