Automatic double quote escaping

Is there any way I can achieve automatic double quote escaping?
Here is an example :

print " You have selected : <span class=\"number\">$quantity</span>"

Here I typed two times the '\' backslash character so that the inside double quotes are valid (because the are contained in the outside double quotes).
Is there any way the phpstorm editor put these backslash characters automatically?
Thank you.

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You could create a live template for that particular scenerio and choose from the code completion drop down using ctrl+j if you are using windows, not sure what the keyboard keys are for linux or mac.

I mean creating the entire span itself and using $END$ to place the cursor in between the  \" | \"  for you.

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when i type quote button pycharm add only a single quote not double ( i.e.  when i type ' it doesnt add ' ' but only a single)


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