What is the workflow in my case?

Say I have many sites

and all of them are based on the same system files stored in

I.e. their basic functionality is extended from /var/www/mysitesystem

So when i load a project /var/www/site_based_on_system_1 in my IDE from a remote server, I get that the IDE cannot find a lot of classes (they are stored in /var/www/mysitesystem). So i create another project, and load from the remote server files from /var/www/mysitesystem. Now I go to the previous project, site_based_on_system_1, and add mysitesystem as a content root - so now the IDE can correcly detect all classes.

However when I'm in the site_based_on_system_1 project, for the main directory the autoupload works, but for the added directory it doesn't. So i have to switch to the second project and make changes from there and upload them to server. Is there a way to fix this situation?

Or maybe implement a functionaly so i could attach to one project not  just a directory, but a whole another project with it's own deployment settings


Hello Alexei,

Please open File | Settings | Deployment page, switch to Mappings tab, click 'Add another mapping' and specify your local and deployment paths.



Thanks, it worked!

Btw, how it's better, to create for every project a separate connection or to use one connection for projects on the same server?

The second option is better, becuase i don't have to copy paste connections, and in case something changes on a server (username, or pass) i would have to change it only in one connection.
However, in that case webpath is one for all projects.

For example i have server available on

myprodserver.ru with web server root url: http://myprodserver.ru

and on this server there are projects available:

but i can't speficy a correct webpath in deployment tab, becuase when i type at what address the files are available  for a certain project it appends it to web server root url:

while i need

Probably I'm doing something wrong ?:|


Hello Alexei,

Please watch/vote for http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-3414.



Voted. Hope it gets implemented anytime soon.


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