Trying phpStorm for the 1st time, problems with Zend Framework auto complete


I'm trying phpStorm for the 1st time and I encounter some problems with Zend Framework auto completion.
I expose the problem:

I have the classical Zend Framework structure:


I have a Model calles users

* /application/models/users.php

class Admin_UsersController extends Zend_Controller_Action {

     public function init(){ }

     public function showUserName($idUser) { }

In one controller I get an instance of user:


class Admin_UsuarisController extends Zend_Controller_Action {

      public function init(){
          $this->users = new Model_Users();

If then I type "$this->users->" and I ask for autocompletion, it's supposed that "showUserName" should be displayed but I get "No suggestions"

What should be done to get this functionnality working?

Kind regards.
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