Live Template Keyboard Shortcuts?

Perhaps I'm searching for the wrong thing, or it just doesn't exist.   But, is it possible to assign keyboard shortcuts to individual Live Templates?

For example, I've got a live template, he.  It expands into htmlentities($STRING$, ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8').
Instead of typing he then pressing Ctrl+J, I'd rather assign Ctrl+Shift+H to that specific live template, so that it is injected as soon as I press the shortcut.

The IDE has really impressed me, so much that I even recently purchased a license and use it full-time, but that shortcut feature is one thing I sorely miss.

On a side-note: Kudos to the devs for all the little things in the IDE and the blog posts. I must say, now that I've gotten accustomed to that "Jump to File" (Ctrl+Shift+N) box, I don't know why I ever used the file explorer.

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Can I assume due to the lack of replies that the feature doesn't exist and I should make a feature request?


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