How to submit bug or feature enhancement requests?

I do not know how to use the Youtrack bug reporting system.   The only thing I can see is the crearte new matrix report but when I do, nothing happens other than a search with no results found.   How do I use this?    If it is too difficult I wont be submitting reports, maybe I am missing the easy submit new issue here link?

My request was going to be:

Expand ALL tree's in the Data Sources is missing, there is a collapse all but no expand all that would expand all the trees out.  It would be much easier for me to have this button then to manually go through and open 3 levels of tree to get to the database fields for each table I am looking at.

I searched for help on the YoutTracker but I didn't see anything, maybe I am just looking in the wrong place.


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Ummm..   I found it.

Maybe I should just give my license back, no clue what I am doing I guess..   LOL   One of those days.

If you click NEW ISSUE at the top left an editor appears that allows you to enter a new bug track ticket.  I clicked on that earlier before I posted this thread and it didn't do anything.  Sorry I wasted the time about this.  



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