Debugging with phpstorm and xampp 1.7.3

i am new to phpstorm and i want to test the debugging, but i can't find the description what i have to do when i use xampp and phpstrom.

where have i to put the php path and what configurations with xdebug is to do.

i hope you can help me.

sincerly gerd

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Try enabling "Validate xdebug configuration" checkbox inside debug configuration properties - it will check settings and give you an advice.
BTW we'll enable it by default an enhance reporting a bit in next minor update.

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i give you a screen-shot.


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hello there

I read your reply but Unfortunately I can not succeed active phpStrom with Xampp(instead of Zend / Xdugger)
where is "checkbox inside debug configuration" can you please  give instructions with more detail

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Hello angelBoy1984,

where is "checkbox inside debug configuration"

This option is disabled in PhpStorm 2.0.

Instructions for configuring debuggers: Xdebug, Zend Debugger
Instruction for configuring PhpStorm:, Zero-configuration debugging with PhpStorm 2.0

Thank you for feedback!

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