Why is PhpStorm ~25% more expensive from Europe?


I was looking at the prices for a license of PhpStorm, and noticed that apparently when you're from Europe you're being discriminated against, with a 25% price increase!

While the price for the rest of the world is $99, in Europe it's EUR88 which is about $125! Now that is quite an increase (to which one must even add another 19% increase, due to VAT).
(I used the personal license as an example, but the same applies to the commercial one.)

I am curious as to why there is such a difference, since the product one buys is exactly the same, there are no shippement of any kind, nothing to justify this.

I would also like to know if there's a country that gets a lower price, in which case I might be from there...

Thank you for explaining this to me,

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Please contact sales@jetbrains.com for questions related to the license pricing.

-Eugene Toporov

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Could you also update this thread with sales' response.

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Alright so I contacted sales, and here's their explanation for the difference:

We are offering an exchange rate of currently 0.88.
    This is due to doubled exchange of payments through our eCommerce     partner, who is located in Germany.

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