Multiple deployment servers

I've added two servers under tools> deployment> configuration  - a development server and a live one.

I've set my devlopment to be the defualt one and files are autosaved to it correctly.

when I choose upload to it only gives the option to upload to my dev server and not not choose the live one - infact the option is listed as 'upload to dev server'.

If I set my live server to the default then upload to appears correctly and give me a pop up box to choose the server but only the development server is listed - not the live one as well.

Any help appreciated.

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Hi dan,

I assume both of these servers are the same type (Mounted Folder/FTP/SFTP) ?

The most likely reason for this behavior is the fact that your Live server deployment profile is not setup correctly. If you go to the "Mappings" tab of your Live server and check "Deployment path on server ...' field, most likely it will be empty.

When you will have both Deployment servers setup properly, on file/folder context menu you should see 2 options (and you will see them regardles of which server you will choose as a default):
* Upload to ... (which will bring you the list of available servers to upload to)

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hurrah that sorted it.

These feature is so damm cool. It cuts the need for me to play around with svn and the like.


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