How to rollback entire project (SVN)?

I messed up. I want the latest revsion back out of SVN.

I cannot seem to get "Rollback" to be an actve menu choice.
It is on the menus -but always greyed out.

Is there a trick? How do we rollback an entire project please?

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Use SVN outside of PHPStorm. Are you Windows or *NIX's (unix/linux and mac)?

If on Windows take a look at The best SVN client on windows hands down.

On the mac you can  type svn commands in a terminal or search the apps store for svn clients. There are many.. and most are free.

Linux is the same as mac. There are gui's available though whatever package manager you are using or just use terminal.

If in terminal type "svn help" and you'll see a list of commands fly by. The one you want is revert. Type "svn help revert' and read the documention. It's easy peasy.

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Live servers are linux, I have been on windows for decades. Just setting up my first mac now.

Yes, that is what I ended up doing: installing tortoise.
Thank goodness it is pretty much the same on the mac as under windows.

The point was to use phpStorm.
What's the mystery? Why are the menu items greyed? Where have I mis-stepped procedurally? How does it work?
I guess I'll figure it out eventually... or just won't use it.

But suppose reverting the project externally did something weird to phpStorm's idea of your project?
Your instructions do not make me happy.

(But hey thanks!!)

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I've never tried reverting in PHPStorm. Generally I do commits. For anything else I pop into terminal and type commands. PHPStorm's svn seems limited to me.

If you want a GUI on mac check out Versions (@ or Concerstone (@ Both are pay apps. Cornerstone is tons cheaper. Both are very good.

There are tons of free SVN GUI's for mac too. Just google for them.

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To rollback all changes made to a project locally (I think it is what you mean by "rollback project")

- You can either go to Changes | Local, and select all changelists there, and press rollback, and also, if you have them, select "locally deleted" files and rollback deletions as well

- You can do a clean checkout and start with a new working copy


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