Multi-Module Support / Feature inclusion in IDEA?

Dear all,
we are currently evaluating using PHPStorm in comparison to Aptana Studio.
One of the show stoppers we found so far is the lack of missing multi-module support in PHPStorm (similar to IDEA, where you can define multiple modules within a project.)
I could not find something in youtrack so I would like to raise the question in the forum here, if this support is planned.
Additionally, this feature is so important to us that we consider switching the PHP devs to IDEA- is this a possible approach, i.e. is the whole featureset of PHPStorm v.2 included in IDEA 10?
I found a confirmation only for v1.

Thanks for your insights,

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Hi Ludwig,

Have a look at File | Settings | Directories --> Add Content Root. This is obviously not a multi-module/sub-projects, but may be enough to suit your needs (that depends on your requirements).

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Dear Andriy,
ah, this seems a good starter- thanks!
Do you have any information, if IDEA 10 includes the PHPStorm feature set?


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Hello gentlemen,

Yes, it does (except simplified project structure).

The second feature IDEA does not contain is simplified remote project creation (File | New Project from Existing Files action):



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