PhpStorm / Symfony 2.0


Symfony 2.0 is about to be released and brings a new templating engine: Twig.

The Twig syntax is almost exactly the same as Django template engine.

Is it possible to add a support for Django templates (like in PyCharm), in PhpStorm ? (i was thinking about a PyCharm plugin maybe :p).

By the way, IMO Symfony 2.0 is going to become a major PHP Framework, and it encourages the use of Twig template engine as the default one (not PHP anymore, optional).
So, it would be awesome if an IDE would support the Twig language/syntax (or propose a plugin for Jinja or Django templates which use the same syntax).

AFAIK, only Eclipse has a free plugin for Django templates support, but PHP with Eclipse has many issues, and i would be glad to use PhpStorm instead.



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Awesome :)

Is there any MS date for 2.1 ?

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Sorry, I'm not part of the JB Team and simply do not have such info (i.e. no idea :p).

Who knows, maybe there will be no 2.1 ... only 2.0.x and then straight to v3 (as it was with v1: 1.0, 1.0.1 and then was 1.0.2). Dunno ?:|


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