Theme: obsidian port

ok im the first to admit.. i dont know wtf the obsidian theme looks like.. lol.. this was mostly done by a friend of mine (mekwall - ) and i did a few tweaks to get it "just right" for myself.. so he deserves the credit.

the usual windows







Full window view

yes... i know the code sucks lol..

get it on github copy it to (on windows.. not sure bout the others)

restart phpstorm if its open.. go to settings > Editor > Colors & fonts > select "obsidian_modified" from the scheme drop down.. should work. enjoy.

took me some getting used to.. but i rather like these colours with the nimbus "look and feel"

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ROFL after posting this i went looking to see what the obsidian theme looks like... hmm this seems to be pretty close to it :p here i was thinking it was FAAAAAAAAAR removed from it lol.. nice work mek :D <3 you long time


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