Scroll tabs using mouse, highlight modified folders

1. Is it possible to enable tab scrolling using mouse scroll button?
2. I have created new svn project. Some folders contains modified files but phpstorm highlights  top level folder only as folder with modified files. Some top level folders is not highlighted at all. Is it possible to highlight all folders with modified files inside but not top level folders only?

Ubuntu 10.04
PhpStorm 1.0.2 build PS-95.503


Hi Taras,

1) No -- please watch/vote/comment this ticket:

2) Sorry, I'm not using any VCS myself -- I can only recommend to try latest EAP build (v2 beta) to see if it already has been implemented/fixed:


Is this a bug (item 2) and should be reported to bugtracker?


(2) is not implemented in current incarnation of platform. Its requested often and there's a ticket for it but a tracker is now undergoing maintenance so I can't find it for you. Should be in project


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