Color theme detail issue for phpStorm 1

Hi, I'm using phpStrom 1, and I installed a dark color theme.
When i try to find a word in text, this theme change the background color of matching word with dark grey, and is difficult to me see it.
Now I've tried to change manually that params, either directly in the xml file of theme, but there is no way to get result.
The other params changes easily, but find (search text) doesn't change.
Any suggestions?


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Hi Manuel,

It is possible that you are changing the wrong parameter. Please provide some info about that parameter (name) -- a screenshot will be perfect.

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Hi Andriy,

I changed "search result" and "search result (write access)"; as you can see in the screenshot, i'm tryng to set their background to green.

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The "Search result" & "Search result (write access)" style parameters are used for "Search | Find Usages" and "Search | Find in Path" -- you will see the panel on the bottom with results:
You may also look at "Identifier under caret" & "Identifier under caret (write)" style parameters -- they will make difference if you are using this type of search.

If you are just using "Search | Find" (Ctrl+F) or "Search | Highlight Usages in File" then you need to look at "Text search result" style parameter.

Can you please describe how you search and maybe post a screenshot (to see how it looks).

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Ok, solved.
It takes a little to load the new color configuration, so i didn't see changes.
Thanks for the tips.


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