phpstorm main window not visualize

Hi, i'm use phpStorm, and after i open some of my project(that i open earlier) it crash. When i restart it - it not visualize main window. But it show «Tip of the day». When i close it, i cant see any more, but i can close PhpStorm by right click, close window. In explorer by date of edit i see than editor some time after start work with .idea/workspace.xml
I try to restart windows. I try to laught files PhpStorm.bat, restarter.exe, runnerw.exe. I try update PhpStorm from 103.8 to 103.43, i try open it in last WebStorm. I download java and reinstall it. I try to look other Java program (minecraft) - it work normal.
I use Windows 7 x86. I use phpStorm for some time it work perfect on different projects including this one

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i find error.
in %USER%/.WebIde10/window.manager.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <component name="WindowManager">
    <frame x="-32000" y="-32000" width="160" height="38" extended-state="1" />

i change x=0 y=0 and it shown! I don't understand how it(x="-32000" y="-32000") happends

you may want to add a check this values. It can save few hours somebody)

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Usually its much easier to backup and eraze USER_HOME\.WebIde10 & PROJECT_HOME\.idea to verify that some of settings gone awry.

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Thanks, now I'll know)


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