incorrect 5.3 PHPDoc


I'have tried use phpdoc autocomplete with this simple class

namespace Tv\Domain{
    class Object {
        protected $_parent;

        function setParent($parent)
            $this->_parent = $parent;
            return $this;

When I tried to use phpdoc over setParent, I have got the followed

          * @param  $parent
          * @return Tv\Domain\Object

As you can see @return classes added without forwarded slash. So it would be resolved as Tv\Domain\Tv\Domain\Object


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This should be filed as bug report to project issue tracker.

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I have never filled issues. If some one would like to improve PHPStorm and upload this bug, you are welcome!

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Hello Alexey,

I have never filled issues.

Our issue tracker(YouTrack) is another one JetBrains product. It is very handy to work with it. For authorization you can use your Google or Yahoo accounts.
Please try to report bugs directly to, otherwise your issues can be lost.

Thank you for report!


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