optimization tips?

os:kubuntu 10.04
PhpStorm 2.0Beta

I have PhpStorm running on my laptop.  The server is on its own machine and the browsers are run on a different pc too.  So PhpStorm is the only program that is activly being used on the computer.

The laptop running it is a thinkpad x61 with 2.5gig of memory. (2x intel core 2Duo T7300 2.0GHz)
It has a new SSD hard drive in it.

Java is sun java 1.6

What I want is to eliminate as much wait time as possible.

I thought the sdd would speed things up, and it has, but there are still wait points. Like when PhpStorm is indexing the project.

One noticable one that is re-producable is
* right click on a file in the projects pane.
* when the menu appears, move the mouse from the top of the list to the bottom, The orange 'selected' indicator will scroll down the list and will always stop and wait on the 'Local History' option before continuing to the bottom.
* move the mouse back to the top again and the orange 'currently selected'  will stop and pause on "Synchronize 'filename.php' ".

Does anyone have any tips to give PhpStorm access to all the resources it needs.  I dont care if its greedy. Better greedy and fast because there is nothing else in use.

I've tried changin the settings in webide.vmoptions but none seam to make a positive improvement.


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Thanks Alexey,

I did like the docs said and made some changes to the webide.vmoptions file.


I'll see if this makes a difference.

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Well, I'm the one who deduced, tested and provied you the default settings and, I personnaly is against any tweaks.
You're kind of loosing warranty here - even most java developers are not qualified to actually *improve* anyting with tweaking JVM options.
And do I see several typical errors with your changes.

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yeah, they dont  seam to make a difference, judging just from today.

I got all those addatives from the file you pointed me toward.  Cant say I understand what they are supposed to do, but the instructions fit my machine.

# Too low heap size when running under 64-bit JVM or when working with large projects. Low heap will cause frequent garbage collection. Increase the heap in ........ idea.vmoptions (Linux). For 64-bit JVM you may need to double the defaults. Adding -XX:+UseCompressedOops option should also help when running under 64-bit JDK. Note that normally you should not use heap size higher than 1GB, especially on the 32-bit JVM, where the VM may fail to start whith the heap (-Xmx)  > 1GB. If the heap is too high so that it doesn't fit into the free physical RAM, your OS will start swapping which will reduce the performance, also GC pauses may become longer. Don't use extreme memory values unless you know what you are doing.

so you reckon change them back to the defaults?

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Are you experiencing crashes with either OutOfPermGenSpace or OutOfMemory errors?

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no crashes.  its running quite well.

I was just hoping to get rid of the wait times which seam to happen mainly when waiting for menus to appear on right mouse clicks.
(i just took a screen cap of the right click on the main menu. then move the mouse up and down the menu.  It stops and waits when it passes over "Local History" on the way down, and "Synchronize" on the way back up)

It small things like this that I would like to get quicker if there is a way.  

Hoping to be able to give it more resources so the wait time gets as close to eliminated as possible.

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Well, than you have nothing to tune with VM options. Deleive me, I'd included that as a default if it were

Anyway, I'd suggest you to file these details as a "performance problem" issue to tracker and attach an appropriate CPU snapshot with it. (And thr video too). Than we can look into it.

As a separate adivice I'd like to point that an SSD is a best investment in overal user experience with all applications after getting enough RAM. UPD: I see you've already got one. Thie means that someting gone really wrong on our side.

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I changed the vmoptions back and added the issue here: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-4904?projectKey=WI


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